Marion Hall Speaks Out After Queen Ifrica Accuses Her Of Mocking Spice – Watch Video

Following Queen Ifrica’s accusations that she was throwing shade at Spice for doing cosmetic surgery, gospel singer Minister Marion Hall has spoken out about pitting female artistes against each other.

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Hall recently returned to her live sermons after announcing that she would be leaving online ministry behind as she was facing backlash. During her return sermon, an unrestrained Hall boisterously defended her attire amid controversy that it was not appropriate for a Christian. Hall praised her “blessed body,” declaring, “A fimi dem, a fimi dem [ … ] a God gimmi dem,” while touching her breasts.

Hall’s declarations during her live stream that she did not have to do cosmetic surgery were seen by Ifrica as an attack on fellow artiste Spice. The reggae singer took to social media and called on Hall to “cut out the f**kery” and leave Spice alone.

In a live stream on Wednesday, Hall said that people watched her videos only to get content to make money, even if it came at the expense of others. Urging gossipmongers to turn to God, the minister expressed her dislike for people who dragged other women into things she said. According to Hall, her comments about her body had nothing to do with any other woman.

“It’s like they believe that I go to bed thinking about women and waking up with them on my mind. I care zero about how other people live their life [ … ] Please stop using my name for clout,” Hall stated.

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Choosing not to call the person who offended her by name, Hall said that she was very tempted to address someone she had once admired yesterday and turned to Proverbs 15 (a soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger).

Minister Hall said that she used to admire some queens in the music industry, but social media has been destroying people’s personalities, including one woman who she thought had class.

Watch the video below.

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