Queen Ifrica Calls Out Marion Hall for Throwing Shades at Spice with “Fake” Body Comments – Watch Video

Queen Ifrica went on an internet rant, calling out Minister Marion Hall for throwing shade at Spice in her “fake” body comments during her sermon. The sermon included a boisterous display from Marion Hall as she responded to the negative comments about the way she dresses.

While referring to her body as “voluptuous,” she repeatedly told viewers that she did not undergo any cosmetic surgery to have the “blessed body” she has and even smacked her butt to the camera.


Queen Ifrica apparently saw beyond her words and detected the subliminal shots at the current Queen of Dancehall. In a video reacting to Marion’s sermon, Ifrica told her multiple times to “cut out the f**kery.”

“When time J Capri dead yuh run gaw church outta fear…di ting did just look spooky, and yuh run gaw church,” The Lion On The Rise singer said, adding that Marion was never ready to be done with the secular music, so now she is wrestling with God.

Ifrica continued by saying that Marion Hall was now allowing Joe Bogdanovich and Skatta Burrell to pull her back into the secular world, leading her to take jabs at Spice.

“Aright yah come back to secular, dweet inna way weh we can actually welcome you in a decent and proper way nuh, Saw. Why yah come a talk bout a fi yuh titty dem and a fi yuh batty? Lowe di girl now,” she stated.

 “Come call Spice, mek it up wid Spice and unuh set back dancehall pan di female side…Yah come in a rush in like a competition, yuh come fi come bulldoze back di place weh did lef…” she went on.

Queen Ifrica also advised Marion to choose between spreading God’s word and dancehall by saying, “Lady Saw, stop di f**kery…If yuh love God, show seh yuh love God and stop gwaan like seh yuh confuse bout money making and wanting to belong. Yuh nuh need to belong, Saw. You are Lady Saw, the greatest. Marion Hall, Lady Saw, anyone a dem, yuh great.”

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:

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