Queen Ifrica Responds to Prettii Don, Says She Favours Shebada – Watch Video

As Queen Ifrica continues to speak out about matters affecting Jamaica, the conscious reggae singer apparently will not turn a blind eye to vlogger Prettii Don, who made some awful remarks about her.

Ifrica maintains a steadfast position against the endorsement of homosexuality in Jamaica. However, she still has preferences in the LBGT+ community, and she revealed that she favours the comedian Shebaba over Prettii Don and others.

While responding to Prettii Don’s remarks, the Lioness On The Rise singer first asked Prettii Don why she harboured such hatred towards her.

“Tell yuh followers dem why yuh nuh like me,” she said. She went on to claim that Prettii Don’s inner circle consists of “wounded yute” who were sexually molested by males and decided to be homosexuals. 

“Come back to God…God wi hear yuh out,” she stated, speaking to Prettii Don’s crew. “Stop rest inna di arms of the demons dem weh dem create fi give unuh as pilla.”

Ifrica continued by labelling Prettii Don a “demon” and adding that she, Quite Perry, and Rushcam were worse than Shebada.

“Outta all a unuh, mi prefer Shebada more dan all a unuh weh a call unuh self man-woman. If dem did agguh choose smaddy fi be drag queen innah Jamaica, eh betta dem did draw fi Shebada because at least Shebada neva did a hide,” she continued.

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:


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