Queen Ifrica Warns Kartel of his “White Wife” and Gives Advice to Shorty, Spice, Curran, Marion Hall – Watch Video

Queen Ifrica took to the internet with warnings for several musicians who, according to her indication, were being used by masterminds and would later be discarded. In the message she released, Ifrica addressed Vybz Kartel, Shorty, Marion Hall, Shelly-Ann Curran, Spice, and Tommy Lee Sparta.

The controversial reggae singer, who has been leaving cryptic messages online for quite some time now, spoke out about Vybz Kartel’s fiancée, Sidem Öztürk, claiming that their engagement was another strategic plan in which he was being used.

“One a di tings dem a use Kartel fa right now, all of a sudden Kartel have a white wife,” she said.

While noting that Kartel’s ex-girlfriend, Shorty, was being disrespected by persons because of his new partner, she called out Shelly-Ann Curran, who has been feuding with Shorty, to focus on healing the people and the country.

In light of recent circumstances involving Vybz Kartel’s kids being reportedly in danger, Ifrica advised Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson to migrate with her children. Allegedly, someone is targeting one of Vybz Kartel’s sons to “kill him.”

“Shorty should tek the children and leave Jamaica or leave to a safer place in Jamaica,” Ifrica stated.

Urging the Worl’ Boss artiste to stand up for the mother of his kids and the people of Jamaica, she continued, “A all a wi time fi stand up wid di people, Kartel. Stand up wi di people cah the people been standing up wid yuh. Defend Shorty, Shorty been defending yuh.”

“Kartel dem about fi use yuh fi di last hurrah…Lady Saw dem about fi use yuh fi yuh last hurrah too…Spice dem about fi use yuh fi yuh last hurrah too,” she stated.

Later, she mentioned Tommy Lee Sparta, urging him to set the pace for youths to put aside their guns and look to “progress”.

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:

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