Queen Ifrica Appeals Once More For The Jamaican People To Wake Up, “Is Not A Joke Thing” – Watch Video

Popular reggae singer Queen Ifrica is not new to using the platforms available to her to speak her mind against the things she sees wrong with the country of Jamaica. In a recent video, Ifrica took to her TikTok account to call out some very popular names who she believes are holding on to some secrets that could end the violence that has swept the land of Jamaica.

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In this new video, the “Far Away” reggae singer is heard expressing that our land of wood and water has come to a crossroads. She signified that the island has been influencing the world since before slavery and indicated that because of this reason the country has been split in half, where free Jamaica and the enslaved Jamaica are fighting to undermine each other. “Everything weh a enemy now, join forces together against free Jamaica, and the plan is to enslave free Jamaica,” she said.

In addition, she indicated that the main focus of her video would be to speak about the People’s National Party (PNP). Ifrica made reference to her speech at the 2013 Independence Grand Gala and how she came under fire for her statements. She pointed a finger at the then minister of youth and culture, Lisa Hanna, for indicating that she regretted booking her to be a part of the celebrations.

Queen Ifrica stated that this was done because she simply appealed to the Jamaican people to hold on to their morals and cultural beliefs. “The PNP government, brought Jamaica to the door of the devil and Andrew Holness our Prime Minister handed us over,” she said, implying that this is the reason for the back-and-forth blaming between the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the PNP.

Ifrica once more called out for the famous names: Buju Banton, Mutabaruka, and Bert Samuels, among others, whom she believes can give better clarification on the split between the people of the island. However, she stated that instead of coming together to ensure the island’s people are triumphant against the beliefs of the world, which are being forced on the citizens, these people are cutting deals and remaining silent, allowing the country to fall into a downward spiral.

She stated that these famous people are allowing the people of Jamaica to become slaves of the new world while the country is actually supposed to be the one setting trends for the world to follow. “Is it that, all the artistes and influencers and politicians that have been ruling and standing up over Jamaicans all this time. Is it that they are Maroons?” Ifrica asked this question in an attempt to inquire if these names she so purposefully mentioned are descendants of the Maroons that sold out the other residents of the island.

In closing, the singer reiterated that the people of Jamaica need to make a decision on how they wish to stand in the coming new world and if they want to move forward with or without God. However, if they wish to move forward with God, they need to stand up and take charge of their culture, leaving behind ulterior motives and hatred.

“Yah fi stand up inna one peace, one love, one aim, one destiny, one people, one Jamaica!.. is not a joke thing a gwaan inna wi country.” She conveyed this message to the people of the country, asking them to pay attention to the tricks that were being thrown at them.

Watch her state ent below:

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