Prettii Don Claps Back at Ninjaman and Queen Ifrica – See Video

Prettii Don has responded to dancehall\reggae veterans Ninjaman and Queen Ifrica, who both addressed the controversial Youtuber over her sexual lifestyle via a letter and video. Following the release of an audio letter by Ninjaman addressing and critiquing Prettii Don’s lifestyle, the blogger seems to have swapped her usually macho look for a blue wig and traditional sexy female clothing.

However, Prettii Don did not take the same approach when addressing and responding to her supposed detractors when she went live via Youtube to react to the two veteran artistes, starting with Queen Ifrica. “Eee nasty stinking dread gal, big pu**y idiot nasty f**k out dutty nah nuh hits since ten years now, weh the bloodclaat you call fi me name fah, bitch you sever purpose weh, nobody nuh see you,” Prettii Don stated.

The usually highly disrespectful vlogger continued her lyrical assault on Queen Ifrica by stating, “You a come address me, address me fi wah tru me is a rightful bloodclaat lesbian me good me clean inna me skin, to how me comfortable inna me skin, me can tell all uno dutty bloodclaat Jamaican Pussyhole weh nuh like me seh who, me get up an nyam pu**y a night time and none uno caa bloodclaat stop it.”

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Prettii Don also addressed Ninja Man in her heated rant. “Me nuh rate yuh a legend sir me nuh rate murdera, sir you is a cokehead murdera, you tell me now how me fi feel hurt bout waa cokehead murdera,” Prettii Don declared.

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See the video below:

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