Ninjaman Addresses “Freak of Nature” Vlogger Allegedly Representing Spice in Letter – Listen Audio

Ninjaman’s declaration that Tallup, a Montego Bay native Dancehall entertainer, was the new Queen of Dancehall triggered a chain reaction of debates about who is the baddest female in the business and upset a vlogger who seemingly endorses Spice.

Spice, the current Queen of Dancehall, who was mentored by Ninjaman, has now gotten over her health scare and is back with hits like Queen Of Dancehall, Spice Marley, and God A Bless Me, with a message to haters that she was “going nowhere”.

In a message directed at someone who is allegedly a member of Spice’s team (widely known to Jamaicans as Pretti Don), simply referred to as a “so-called blogger”, Ninjaman stated that a message reached him via an officer while he was on the cell block (the deejay is currently incarcerated) about being disrespected by said person.

Responding directly in a lengthy one-off message, the Don Gorgon addressed what he called “the Tallup situation” and advised Spice to seek better representation if the so-called blogger was indeed a member of her team.

Watch the video with Pretti Don below:

The Murder Dem artiste went on to refer to the object of his ire as “she”, “he”, “product of the devil” and “freak of nature” and someone who was born confused. Ninjaman said, “I had it in mind to tell you to act like a lady, but that would be disrespecting other ladies. You yourself cannot decide what you are…the world do not need a second you…curse all you like…call me ugly all you like…you my dear is in a mental prison fighting demons at every turn.”

The entertainer stated that the so-called blogger is a “degenerate” who lacks emotional control and so continues to lash out at those around them. “I would be mad too if I were you…you are a joke that keeps on giving and everyone likes a good laugh…you my dear will always be inconsequential, just another blob taking up space in society. That must be daunting,” he concluded.

Listen to the entire address below:

The letter was uploaded to the entertainer’s Instagram page where fans reacted to his eloquent speech. Walterw1919 said, “All I have to say after listening to this letter, Ninjaman is ONE of the MOST intelligent Dj to ever set foot in Dancehall .. Done talk !!!,” and crownd_carpets exclaimed, “Free him 💯💯. Now let me hear that msg in his voice cah that would of dun them career even more 😎…”

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