Prettii Don Agrees with Jenny Jenny “A P_ssy yuh a sell mumma… Jenny Jenny right” [Video]

March 25, 2019 10:03 PM

“any woman weh a tek people man and a fck and a collect”, “yuh a prostitute girl” that’s prostitution says pretty Don.

“nuh fck di likkle gal a sell”? asks Prettii Don.


“a pussy yuh a sell mumma… Jenny Jenny right” says di Don

“yuh think a only di gal dem round a back road alone a prostitute” Prettii Don went on to say that Mackerel Don’t worth 80k per month and no one is giving her $200 fi have sex with her.

“Mackerel cah take the truth smh big up Jenny Jenny foundation radio host nuff love mama” says Prettii Don.

Watch as entertainer Prettii Don gives her full take on the matter.

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