Fans bash the Girls that Appeared in Intence new music Video “Pickachu”

Friday, January 29, 2021, 8:00 AM GMT-5

Dancehall Artist Intence recently released a new music video for his song title ‘Pickachu’ Produced by Zimi Entertainment. In the starting of the video you can see where he uses a woman’s mouth for an ashtray.

As Intense said “Mi Browning Mouth me use fimi ashtray”. Her reaction was welcoming as she laughed and longs out her tongue. A few moments after this took place we can see her in the video with a different facial expression, seemingly in regret of what just took place with a bad taste in her mouth

A fan commented “Don’t be surprised if they piss in your mouth next Lol, No Judgement just an observation” There were mixed reactions between fans in the comments section with some being positive while other being negative.

It is observed that intence is one of the most creative artistes when it comes to his music and videos, always inserting something to have his fans talking. The Video was full of semi-nude clippings from girls dancing on each other to girls kissing each other. With such behaviour, one person commented “A moment of silence for the fathers that saw their Daughters on this video.”

The title of the song came from a popular animated cartoon called Pokemon, The yellow lightning star is Pickachu where you hear the Yengbadness Dj clearly says “charge like Pickachu”.

As the video ended you could clearly see that intense was drunk and out of it but he was safe with his freaky bad gyals by his side.

Watch the music video below for Pickachu by The Yengboss.

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