Fans Joke about Valiant Making Video with “Teejay Son”

A video of Dancehall artiste Valiant has garnered humorous responses from viewers who believe that his son resembles fellow deejay Teejay.

The video, which has left many viewers amused, shows the ‘Kotch eh Hat’ entertainer vibing to his popular song, Bubble Gum, with his son.

The pair can be seen animatedly singing and dancing inside a vehicle, where the song blasts through the speakers.

Valiant apparently did not want his son to hear the expletives in the song because he began speaking loudly when the expletive line started playing.

The video, which was shared on TikTok on February 14, has amassed over 222.9K likes since then, and it has garnered more than 1400 comments, more views and reactions than other videos he posted in recent times.

Watch the video of Valiant and his son below:

One of the viewers asked, “Why him have Teejay son?” Another asked, “How him have teejay son inna hm car?”

A third comment, reading, “How him fava teejay so,” received an amused response from Valiant that said, “Naah eat yuh carrot man yah see too much f**kry.”

Valiant left another comment under the post, expressing his amusement by saying, “Comments a kill me.”

Read more of the comments below:

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