Teejay Responds to Backlash About His Non-Traditional Proposal to Tionna – Video

Dancehall artiste Teejay has responded to the backlash he received for not getting down on one knee while proposing to his longtime partner Tionna Porter.

Teejay recently proposed to Tionna while the couple was in Mexico. The deejay popped the question while they were dining out, and in a video capturing the proposal, he could be seen handing the box with the engagement ring across their table.

While Tionna appeared thoroughly pleased despite it not being a traditional proposal, several viewers took issue with the artiste not getting down on one knee.

During a recent interview, Teejay addressed the backlash.

Teejay and Tionna

Teejay said he did not know how to execute the proposal, and while he has seen people propose while on their knees, he suggested that that is not his style. He also expressed that going down on one knee is not proof of someone’s love.

“…Going down on yuh knees don’t really prove nutting, bro. Dat don’t prove seh yuh love a woman more. Wi deh yah suh a rock it fi 14 years,” Teejay stated.

Teejay added that a lot of girls do not view the situation from that perspective and that people need to appreciate and believe in young love.

Watch the video of Teejay talking about the backlash below.

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