Fans React to Skeng Seemingly Dissing 6ixx in Unreleased Song “cyah even run, yuh belly big!”

Friday, January 26, 2024, 10:05 AM

The month of January 2024 has had tongues wagging since it started, with the excitement for more and more clashes between Dancehall artistes building among public viewers.

It seems another clash is brewing in the industry, this time between Skeng and a member of the 6ixx crew. A short video clip with Skeng performing an unreleased song dissing a 6ixx member (not specified) is circulating online and has people speculating as to whom the diss track is directed towards.


In the song, Skeng deejays, “Knock it pan a 6ixx a wah duh him, a seven up you better bill. Cyah even run, yuh belly big, mi nah nuh chill unda pill…to how mi ill innah mi head mi deven care how yuh skill.”

Watch the video below:

After listening to the clip from the unreleased track, many fans were left wondering which 6ixx Skeng was referring to and some even mentioned that he was not up to par to clash with any of the members of the 6ixx crew.

One person stated, “Skeng yuh bad but yuh badness nuh ready fi 6ixx 🤷🏾‍♀️ war wid yuh size that wid uno young artist uno wah war wid the man them before uno like uno a try prove something 😒 come dung,” while another individual said, “If skeng know weh good fi him better low 6ix nation.”

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