Fans Tell Skillibeng To Stop Releasing “Whack” Songs After Hearing Preview For Upcoming Track

The “E-Syde” general Skillibeng has kicked off the new year with a teaser on his Instagram for a song he is looking to release very soon. The song is entitled “Whap Whap” and seems to be a war song in the making which sonically follows the new format that the deejay has been taking on since 2021 which sees him slowing down his lyrics, allowing his words to be heard.

Where Jamaica is concerned though, artistes are usually not spared from criticism regardless of their status in the music industry, because if a fall-off is noticeable in any entertainer at all, best believe that it will be well known since music lovers on the island don’t hold back in the comments once a track is whack.

By now, Skilli is well used to harsh criticisms, the year 2021, has groomed him to adopt such attitudes since even his fans who loved the classic “Crocodile Teeth” hit have not shown any compassion towards the deejay when he releases a track they do not like.

One of the first instances that a scenario of such a nature happened with Skillibeng was when he released “YO”, and many people called it a nursery rhyme song. Surprisingly many other songs with the same flow were released after which many people find distasteful and far from being musical.

This recent song preview has only stirred up the same critical energy in his fans again as many have so far been hypercritical of what has been heard so far. In the song, the main thing that could be heard is the entertainer singing “Whap Whap” while shouting out places such as Grants Pen, Seaforth, Whitehall, and Portland.

One fan who commented on the deejay’s song preview post, wrote: “This makes sense?”, Which got a massive 513 likes showing that a lot of people might have been asking the same question based on what was heard. One other commenter wrote “This level a Fuckry cah legal”, while another person urged Skillibeng to start the year off with another track and not this one.

“BRO! Guh tek back u flow weh rytikal thief from u bad dawg! Mi cya hold it no longer ,Tiad a this now man🤦🏾‍♂️!! @skillibeng ..Kno u PROBABLY A PREE SEH NOBODY PON PLANET EARTH NUH SUPPOSE TO SOUND LIKE YOU “suh U lef it wid him fi keep!” but a dat raw original SKILLIBENG DonGagon day one flow deh!! A it sen u a road bro! Mi rate u like vybz kartel ! dah level deh! But This new invented flow deh drain u Magic mi G. Mi see u vision but it a self defeat ya now bro! Unleash back e Venom weh u have and show dem seh a you name dancehall!” said another fan of the St. Thomas deejay.


Regardless of the high level of criticisms, the “E-syde” artiste might just be laughing it off as he did respond to a few of the comments, even writing “Whap Whap” to one that was very harsh, showing that he does not feel away about the song and is ready to promote it to the fullest.

It is quite a confidence that the deejay has and the eagerness to hear the rest of the song is unmatched at this time, with the expected conversation from the track after its release being something to look out for, especially where the vloggers are concerned.

Check out the preview of the song below.

See some more comments below.

Also, check out this next song and video that is about to be released by Skilli.

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