Fantan Mojah Says Rastas Will Take Vaccine

Friday, March 12, 2021, 12:18 PM

Veteran Reggae artiste, Fantan Mojah has given his opinion on the Covid-19 vaccine and according to him, he believes that a lot of Rastafarians will take it.

The entertainer who spoke to the Jamaica Star recently told them that once it concerns travelling, they will need to take the vaccine and that artistes who have travelled to Africa to perform already know that some of the countries require you to take a vaccine.


What Fantan says the Rastas are using is the idea of their spirituality, and religious affiliations to reject the vaccine however, he still thinks a lot of them will take it.

As for the music business, the “When I rise” artiste said that, he does not think the entertainers will risk losing out financially, because of not making a booking due to the vaccine.

Fantan Mojah said he is well up to date with global activities, and he thinks that people’s rights should be respected and not violated in a way where the vaccine is forced on them.

Already in Jamaica, Healthcare workers have started the vaccination process, which is not mandatory however, as a way to help contain the global pandemic, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is urging the people to be jabbed.

As for Fantan Mojah, he has not given any conclusive information as to whether he will take it or not.

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