Fatal 2 Helicopter Collision; Footage Shows Moment of Impact – Watch Video

Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 12:38 PM

A video now circulating the internet shows the terrifying moment as two helicopters collided, killing four passengers and seriously injuring several others. The tragic crash took place close to Sea World Theme Park, Gold Coast, Australia.

Footage surfaced online, giving viewers a look into one of the helicopters seconds before the collision. As the passengers, including the pilot, enjoyed the beautiful scenery from above, one of the passengers sitting behind the pilot seemingly saw what was going to happen and tapped the pilot on his shoulder, who was unaware, to show him the incoming helicopter.


However, it was too late by that time for the pilot to react as the propeller of the incoming helicopter smashed the glass upon impact. The video ended shortly after. According to reports, one of the helicopters seemed to be taking off, and the other was landing when they collided.

In addition, one of the helicopters had a safe landing on a sand bank. Meanwhile, the dead and injured victims were passengers of the crashed helicopter, multiple reports revealed. The incident took place in early January 2023.

See the video below:

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