Father and Son Arrested After Firearm was Found in Westmoreland

A 27-year-old son and his 59-year-old father from Shantily, Westmoreland are among 4 persons arrested 2 days ago following the seizure of several rounds of ammunition and an illegal firearm.

The Savanna-la-mar police reported that a team of officers went on an operation at the house where the family lived at approximately 2 p.m. even though their identities have not been released.


The 12-guage shot gun and 5-12-gauge cartridges were found by the lawmen in a refrigerator during a search of the premises.

The Westmoreland police revealed that they have made, a plan to rid the parish of illegal firearms and this operation was just one of many. When the man, his son, a 25-year-old son in law and a teenage family member were locked up.

Many illegal firearms have been seized in Westmoreland, since the beginning of 2020 and many persons have been arrested.

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