Father and Daughter get into EPIC fight While Mother records with phone [Video]

Saturday, August 15, 2020, 5:15 PM GMT-5

In a video clip that is currently making rounds on the internet, a Jamaican father can be seen getting into a heated physical battle between himself and his daughter. “Behave yo self” the father shouts while trying to get his daughter under control after they started fighting moments before

As shown in the video clip the father first attacked one daughter after she apparently did something wrong, the other girl, seemingly his other daughter was not having it and decide to help the younger one fight back at a seemingly abusive father.

This incident was captured on video by the mother who was not pleased with the encounter, She asked the daughter to stop because she caused the incident however the fight continues after which she stated “me get everything” while recording.

At one point the mother had to run for cover as the fighting got intense, see the epic fight between father and daughter below.


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