Father And Step Mother Arrested For Death Of Child In St. Catherine

The father and Stepmother of a 7-year girl by the name of Tianna Russell, have been taken into custody after the child mysteriously passed away on Monday at their home in New Works community, located close to Linstead.

According to the reports, on Monday The stepmother of the child claimed she heard Tianna groaning, whereupon inspecting her, she expressed that she was not feeling well. The little girl was later taken to the Linstead Public hospital where she was sadly pronounced dead.

The father and stepmother of the child were taken into custody the same day after the police said they saw “certain observations” were seen while investigating the body.

Other family members of the child have also spoken out on the matter stating that they have tried on several occasions to get Tianna to stay with them to be aware of her well being, however, an uncle of the little girl by the name of Ian Edwards, says that the father always came with excuses not to let that happen. The family said they even tried to gain custody of the child in the past but were unsuccessful.

An aunt of the child by the name of Sherene Francis, also shared similar sentiments with Ian Edwards, while adding that she heard that the child was being abused but could not confirm since they were not able to see her. The mother of Tianna Russell had passed away 5 years ago from an illness, which led to her staying with her father and stepmother. She was also a student at the Linstead primary school.

The Police are currently awaiting the Post mortem results to determine if the father and the stepmother of the child will be charged for the incident.

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