Father Catches Teen Daughter in House With 2 Boys – Watch Video

A video blew up on the internet of a father who came home to find his teenage daughter alone in the house with two boys, while she was only wearing a towel to cover her underwear.

According to the man in the footage who seems to be the girl’s father, his daughter was supposed to be home alone and was also told many times not to invite boys to the house. However, he came home to witness a very unwelcome scene.

Taking a video of the incident, the man says, “You see. You see what I talking about…you see how they have man inside the house there.” The girl, who was looking back and forth between the camera and the boys attempted to explain the situation but the father did not believe her.

He questioned why they only came to get something but the house was locked up with them inside. One of the boys was only half dressed, standing in front of the stove with his shirt halfway over his head, while the other was fully clothed, leaning against the kitchen counter.

The man then proceeded to hit his daughter repeatedly, saying, “Not your mother telling you don’t bring man inside of the house, don’t bring man inside of the house…”

The girl started to cry and tried to call someone, but the phone was slapped from her hands and she was told to leave the house. As she left, her father walked after her and stated, “Don’t come and tell me nothing, no man inside a dat house there.”

Watch the video below:

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