Daughter Caught Dad Cheating With Neighbour

A 21-year-old female is faced with the dilemma of being honest with her mother or keeping her dad’s secret as she seeks advice on which choice to make. The soon-to-be-married female revealed that she will be leaving her parent’s house soon but doesn’t know what to do about her dad’s secret.  

The unidentified female recently penned and sent a revealing letter to controversial/famous advisor Dear Pastor, where she shares her story. The female disclosed in the letter that she caught her father with their neighbour having sex when she was 17, upon returning home from school early after feeling sick.

Following the incident, her dad urged her not to tell her mom what had happened. Since then, the father has treated her extra special, for example, by giving her more money than she requested and giving her money without her mother’s knowledge, according to the female.

Now 21, the female is faced with the difficult choice of telling her mother what transpired between her neighbour and her dad after keeping their secret for four years, as she plans to leave her parent’s home when she gets married at the end of the year.

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The female outlined that her parents are not married, but her dad has always promised to marry her mother. As she continued the letter, she revealed that her mother and her neighbour are good friends, with her mother even lending the neighbour money when she was broke. 

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