Father Details Spouse’s Suicide Attempt After She Allegedly Threw Their 5-M-O Daughter Off Building in St. James – Watch Video

Saturday, December 9, 2023, 11:14 AM GMT-5

Following the tragic loss of his 5-month-old daughter Destiny, 41-year-old truck driver and tour operator Dweight Brown has shared the details of his 28-year-old spouse’s attempted suicide after she allegedly threw their daughter from the roof of their home on Wednesday.

According to Brown, while he was at work, an argument developed between his mother and his spouse, Shamoya, which triggered a larger argument between him and his partner about infidelity when he returned home.


Brown says he went to bed, refusing to address Shamoya’s accusations that he was cheating on her, at which point she allegedly went to the roof of their two-storey Barrett Hall home with their daughter and threw the infant off the building.

Dweight Brown and his Infant daughter Destiny

Brown became aware that something was wrong due to the frantic screams of his 8-year-old stepdaughter, Shericka, who reportedly witnessed her mother’s alleged crime.

According to Brown, after finding the infant, whom he first thought was dead, he asked Shamoya why she had done it, to which she replied that he had left her. At this point, Shamoya was reportedly preparing to jump from their home, and to prevent her from killing herself, Brown pleaded that he loved her.

“So I said to her, ‘Babes, don’t jump. I love you. Don’t do this, yow’, yuh kids dem need yuh,” Brown stated.

Brown disclosed that Shamoya then held on to the edge of the house and jumped down to a scaffolding at the side of the building. Brown, who was holding their injured daughter, placed the baby down to stop Shamoya from falling. According to Brown, she called for her 8-year-old daughter, but the child fled with his mother, afraid that she would try to kill her.

An earlier photograph taken of baby Destiny

Brown says he left his spouse to check on Shericka, and upon his return, Shamoya was reportedly attempting to drink bleach and seemingly attempted to harm herself with a knife after the chemical was taken from her.

After receiving assistance to stop Shamoya, Brown went back to the injured infant and was aided by a firefighter, who instructed him to take the baby to the hospital. Shamoya and baby Destiny were taken to Falmouth Hospital for treatment.

The infant was transferred to the Cornwall Regional Hospital for further treatment but later died from her severe injuries. “They tried dem best with dat baby, but if she did even live, she wouldn’t be harself again. Because, base pon weh she trow har from, she couldn’t survive,” Brown stated

Watch the video below.

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