Father Hits His Young Daughter for Twerking; Wrong or Good Parenting? – Watch Video

This video has garnered a massive viewing on social media which sparked a debate on whether or not it is good parenting for a father to hit a young child for twerking.

The short clip shows a little girl around the ages of four to six years old with her hands on her knees throwing it back to a viral TikTok song that seems to be about fighting.

Her father was passing by carrying something when he saw her and slapped her on the arm. She was startled and got up hastily while moving away from her dad.

Watch the video below:


Posted on Twitter (or X), the video received over a million views in 24 hours and more than ten thousand likes with almost everyone in the comment section stating that the father was only parenting his child. John Jones pointed out that “the only problem is it was posted to social media.

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