Father Viciously Beats Daycare Workers After Seeing His Son Being Abused – Watch Videos

After discovering that one of the caregivers at his son’s daycare was beating his son, a Malaysian father beat up the accused woman after confronting her at the school.

Reports state that the 4-year-old boy was returning home with bruises, which his parents eventually reported to the school, the school allegedly said it was possibly due to a fight with other children. More injuries were found on the boy’s body, and he told his parents that he had been hit by one of the caregivers.

The parents requested to view the school’s CCTV footage, and in the video that has since been shared on social media, one of the school employees is seen kicking the boy. After being kicked, the 4-year-old quickly went to sit at a table where the children have their meals, and the female employee proceeded to hit him multiple times, including in the head, while he was trying to eat.

The child's father, who declined to be named, said it was heart-wrenching to watch his son being kicked, slapped and hit multiple times. - Pic courtesy from reader


A subsequent video of the boy’s father’s confrontation with the accused caregiver has also gone viral, and the father is seen confronting the worker at the school alongside his wife. After first grabbing the woman by the throat, the man proceeds to slap her.

His wife, who is holding their young son, tries to prevent him from going any further, with other staff members stepping in to block him. But the man continues to hit the alleged child abuser and punches another female employee in the face who tries to stop him.

Watch the video below.


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