Up To 40 People Detained Including Children from Controversial St. James Church – Watch Video Report

In a major operation spearheaded by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) and local security forces, up to 40 people, including children, were removed from the Qahal Yahweh church compound located in Paradise District St. James on Wednesday.

The early morning operation resulted in individuals being detained and taken to the family court within the parish. According to a report carried out by TVJ, it was revealed that they were unable to ascertain the reasons which led to the mid-week operations by the government agencies.

However, this is not the first run-in with the law for the highly controversial church. Almost four years ago, the Qahal church was raided by security forces after they were faced with multiple child abuse allegations and reportedly having young girls ruined by grown men in the establishment.

Anthony James, a resident of the St. James community where the church is located, was interviewed by TVJ News. The elderly man expressed his disgust with the church’s wrongdoings and with how long the authorities allowed the church to carry on with its regular operations.

Anthony James

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“In the first incident tek place down here no one was really or could a imagine it staying there so long without the government doing something about it. It should never have been there for so long,” Anthony James outlined.

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Watch the news report below:

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