Haitian Pastor Banned From Preaching Until 2028 After Demonstrating Sex Position In Church With Daughter – Watch Videos

A Haitian pastor by the name of Amel Lafleur was banned from preaching after failing to turn up at court to explain his actions of “public indecent exposure.” The prominent pastor in Port-au-Prince received a court summons following a viral video of him demonstrating a sexual position with a female whom he called his daughter during a live-streamed church service. 

In December, Pastor Lafleur kissed the woman on her lips, touched her breasts, and smacked her buttocks as they stood before the congregation at the Church of God of the Narrow Door of Delmas 33. He also made the woman sit in his lap to demonstrate a sexual position. According to the Haitian Times, he told the church, “You see, when this beautiful lady is in the United States — those two titties — I ask her how my titties are doing. She said daddy, they’re good, they miss you.” 


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Haitilibre reported that the video attracted scathing criticism from online users and was denounced by Senator Kelly C. Bastien, who proposed removing Pastor Lafleur’s authority to practice his ministry in Haiti. Following the video of his sexual demonstration, Pastor Lafleur was summoned to report to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Port-au-Prince on January 4.

Amel Lafleur

Haitilibre reported that the letter, sent by Government Commissioner Jacques Lafontant, read, “The Government Commissioner Near the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince invites you to present yourself to the prosecution of this jurisdiction on Wednesday, January 4th, from 10:00 a.m. […] This invitation is justified by the public indecent exposure and by the deep trouble that your actions have created in the social order, in particular the violation of the provisions of article 283 of the Haitian penal code.”

Lafleur, however, failed to appear in court, and his attorneys requested from the Government Commissioner a time of 15 days to better react to this invitation. The Public Prosecutor’s Office objected to such a protracted delay and scheduled the next hearing for January 9, 2023. A directive from the commissioner also forbade him from leaving the region. Lafleur has been barred from any “ministerial and pastoral” activities for five years by Haiti’s Ministry of Worship.

In an open letter to Lafleur, the government agency explained that the decision was made in accordance with a 1978 decree that forbids any actions that disturb the peace or pose a threat to the sense of public morality in a church. The letter also stated that the Independent Church of God of the Righteous Portal of Delmas 33 executive committee had until January 9 to choose an interim. It was also stressed that Lafleur’s conduct in front of his church’s members was contrary to “modesty and good morals.”

Watch the videos of the pastor’s actions in the church below:


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