January 3, 2019 7:45 PM

Recently it’s been a hot topic in the dancehall community, that female entertainers in the industry does not get the full and while deserved stardom and exposure that their male rivals and colleagues obtained.
While some female artistes settle for thier 15 minutes of fame and don’t say much either fear of backlash and lack of show and contracts,that isn’t the cause with recording artistes Stacious and Pamputtae.

Last weekend Stacious performed at the Portmore Music’s Festival 2018. And after the event she took to social media to express her take and in a very upsetting but familiar experience. As the only solo female act on the line up, she claimed that she was forced to shorten her rehearsed 15 minutes set.
“Give me my little 10 minutes fi shine,”


She post on her Instagram page.

The COME INTO MY ROOM singer says incidents like these happen to quite a number of female performers on numerous occasions.
“It’s a struggle. You rehearse a 15 minute set, and by the time you touch the stage, them a tell yuh one song or two, and you realize is five minutes it cut down to.”

In 2017, Pamputtae got into it with King of the dancehall Beenie Man over the a similar incident at the Ghetto Splash venue.

“Beenie man do it with me, and I see it happen all the while. The man dem and the promoters fi give the woman dem a chance. Sometimes the artiste say dem big and come haste the show because dem Wah ‘tek’ the show. Females are not going to get the right justice.”

For this she’s uncertain if she’s be accepting another Ghetto Splash in the coming future.

On the bright side other females in the industry may have found a solution to the problem by constructing their own events. Dovey Magnum headlined her own concert on December 28 with an all female line up. This follows the all female line up of reggae singers at live from Kingston on December 22.


“Females is strength, enuh. At the end of the day, I see where I have to fight way before BAWL OUT to try get out there. Over the years, me watch as the females come up and dem bad, but I’d like yuh nah see dem or hear dem songs, so people nuh pay dem no mind.”


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