Female Pastor Listed As Top Tier Member Of “One Don” Faction Of The Klansman Gang

Friday, October 1, 2021, 12:49 PM GMT-5

The trial concerning the “One Don” faction of the Klansman Gang is well on the way and the main witness has taken the stand, telling information that has already revealed a lot about the organization’s alleged operations.

The witness is an alleged former gangster, who on Thursday exposed the roles and ranks of some of the gang members.


One person said to be a top tier member of the gang was also exposed however, in a shocking reveal that person is Pastor Stephanie Christie who the witness said was responsible for the Gang’s business affairs.

According to the witness, Christie played an important role as well in communicating with the police in the case there was an issue with any of the gangsters that needed to be ironed out, which would see the lone woman arrested among the group, going in and speaking to the officers about whatever problems arose.

She was also implicated by the witness to be the person that would act as the medium in delivering messages deemed to be sensitive if the alleged leader of the group, Andre “Blackman” Bryan, did not want to have a phone conversation.

Other than Christie, the witness revealed other top tier members of the gang such as Bryan’s sibling; Kevaugh Green known only by the aliases; ‘Hoggist’, ‘Cubby’ and ‘Andrew Phang’.

The witness also mentioned a few other top tier members such as ‘Taurus’, ‘Frazzle’, and ‘Mackerel’ who are now reportedly dead.

In continuing with the testimony and outlining the structure of the organization to Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, he said fear of gang members were based on the number of persons killed by them.

Below the level of top tier members, the witness told the court that there are foot soldiers, Dons and the Killers.

Two particular foot soldiers revealed to the court by the witness were Dylon Mclean, Blackman’s bodyguard and Joseph Mcdermott.

According to the witness, the Dons are the ones that control communities in Spanish Town, wielding the power of decision as it relates to who will live or die.

Several persons were revealed to be Dons such as; Termite who is allegedly the Don for Top Banks, Gully the alleged Don for Rivoli, Smokey who is allegedly the Don for Waterloo Lane and Richie who allegedly runs the community of Lauriston.

The alleged members of the ‘One Don’ faction of the Klansman Gang were arrested under the Anti Gang legislation, and are being charged for crimes carried out between January 1st 2015 and June 30, 2019.

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