Female Pleads For Popcaan Not To Breeze St. Thomas

A 23-year-old female of Sunning District, in the Parish of St. Thomas, is calling for the police to stop harassing Popcaan If what he says is true, because not having him in the parish will have adverse effects.

The deejay was recently arrested on multiple charges ranging from driving an unlicensed motorcycle, driving without insurance, not having valid fitness, driving without aside more and not providing a drivers license when it was requested by the police.


Popcaan who was enraged about the matter, posted on Twitter that the police was harassing him every time he went to St. Thomas and that he will be breezing the parish for a while, hoping the people will understand.

Andrew holness and popcaan
Popcaan and PM Andrew-Holness in St Thomas

According to the female who also posted her comments on Twitter, “Poppy” has been the central force behind certain infrastructural and social developments in the parish including, the building of roads and the cleaning of the Bath River. She also stated for these projects that the entertainer ensures that the workers are paid.

The woman whose name is Allana Davis, also said that the deejay is the first person to let the people in St. Thomas experience life amongst international stars. She also credited Popcaan, for his contributions by way of back to school programs and helping students with tuition and books.

Davis also highlighted the fact that when the entertainer kept “Unruly Fest” he used workers from the parish, instead of bringing in people.

Popcaan will need to answer his charges on June 3rd, at the Yallahs Traffic Court.

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