Female Reportedly Assaulted by Her Friend Over Rejected Kiss

Reportedly, a male was brought in front of a Senior Parish Judge at the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court after he allegedly assaulted his female friend for refusing to kiss him.

It was disclosed by the plaintiff in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Monday that Kimani Richards, who is a 33-year-old music producer, was at a property in Mannings Hill Road with his accuser on December 19, 2021. Richards allegedly made a romantic gesture toward her when he kissed her.

Not sharing his feelings, she refused his kiss and later told her boyfriend about the defendant’s actions.

After the fact, Richards is said to have gotten so angry that he struck his friend all over her body, causing bodily harm. As a result of his actions, the plaintiff acquired swelling and bruises on various parts of her body.

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Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque asked the accused if he kissed the plaintiff, to which he replied by saying he did but added that it had happened a long time ago. The judge pressed Richards by telling him that the complainant said he did it recently, and afterward, she reported the incident to her significant other.

Cole-Montaque then asked if he thought she would have any reason to wrongfully accuse him of such actions. Richard responded by stating that he did not get along with her previous boyfriend, and because of this, he thinks she would tell a blatant lie on him.

Trying to come to an understanding, Senior Parish Judge Cole-Montaque questioned the accused, “So she has a loyalty for her former boyfriend to the extent that she would tell a lie on you?” However, Richards did not have an answer for her.

Richards pleaded not guilty to the accusations leveled against him.

Richards’ inconsistent statements concerned the court which resulted in the legal expert imposing a bail condition. It was mandated that a restraining order be put in place against Richards and no communication would be allowed between the two friends.

Copies of Richards’ fingerprints were also taken, and he was set to return to court on Tuesday, February 21.

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