Female Says Her 70+Y-O Sugar Daddy Promised Her a Car to Have Anal Sex But Betrayed Her

Friday, September 8, 2023, 4:39 PM GMT-5

A woman is left feeling betrayed after her partner promised her a car in exchange for anal sex. Doing the taboo sexual activity for a vehicle apparently seemed like an alright trade at the time, until months passed, and he did not deliver on his promise.

According to the woman, her partner is in his 70s and owns a well-known studio. He suggested they have anal sex, which is something she has been against, and they came to an agreement in March.


“I was always against doing anal sex, until we came to an agreement that if I did it with him, he would buy me a car,” The anonymous female said in a letter to Dear Pastor.

As she continued to vent about her unpleasant experience, she explained that she endured excruciating pain during anal sex, which also caused her anus to bleed and caused faeces to spill.

“Anal sex was sweet for this man, to the point that he doesn’t remember the promise he made to me to buy me a car,” she added, while saying that she was in constant pain for weeks and even before she recovered, he wanted them to continue.

She expressed that she was no longer going to indulge in anal sex unless he bought her the car. She stated that her partner must now stick to having sexual intercourse and continue to pay her school fees and provide for her.

She concluded by saying that men who were supporting females wanted to dictate to them, as he told her that both her vagina and her rare should be “dealt with” in the bedroom.


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