Man and Woman Caught on Camera Having Sex On A Beach in Jamaica – Watch Video

Two people were caught having sex on a beach, and a video of them was posted on social media. Since the video was shot some distance away by a very enthusiastic onlooker, the faces of the bold adventurers were not shown.

What the video showed was that the couple were deeply engaged in sexual intercourse near a tree, which was used as a support and shelter from the sun.


The woman held to the tree while bending over with the man behind her. Shrubs filled the beach just beyond them, and the foreground was taken up by the vast, azure sea.

When they were finished, the male went to dip his hands and feet into the water before returning to the female.

Watch the video of the couple below:

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In reaction to the video, some people were asking why the onlooker recorded it, while others wanted a clearer shot. There were also numerous comments from viewers who found the situation very amusing.

 See the comments below:


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