Man Married Foreigner for Better Life But Forced to Buy Sex for First Time After Migrating

Friday, August 4, 2023, 12:01 PM

A 55-year-old man contends that he was forced to pay for sex when his wife refused to have sexual intercourse with him. This was not the only wifely duty his partner was refusing to fulfil after apparently luring him into marriage for financial gain.

The Jamaican man wrote a letter explaining how he met a Jamaican US resident who pretended to be everything that she was not. The two met when the woman was visiting Jamaica, and their friendship bloomed into a romantic tale as the woman professed her love to him.


When she returned home, they communicated daily on the phone, and she informed him about a job that he was qualified to do in America.

“I didn’t hide anything from her… She knew that I was living with a woman in Jamaica. I spoke to that woman, and I told her the truth, that I would like to get the opportunity to better my life,” the anonymous writer said in the letter.

The letter, written to Dear Pastor, went on to say that the woman he was residing with did not create a fuss when he told her about the American resident. He also promised her that he would support her from abroad and vowed to his children that he would never abandon them.

As the letter continued, the writer shared that he wed the woman when she came to the island again, and sometime after, he moved to the United States to live with her. It was upon living with the woman that he discovered a different side to her.

He explained, “All she wanted from me was money. Every cent I earned, I had to give to her. She didn’t want me to send anything to my children’s mother, not even to help the younger ones who were in school.”

According to the writer, after taking the train to work early in the morning and returning home much later, he would find no dinner prepared for him. He said that he was required to make his own meals because his wife told him that she was not a maid. Additionally, when he attempted to make love to her, she told him that she did not want him to harass her.

He ultimately resorted to buying sex on the streets of New York when he was tired of masturbating. Things at home became worse when he stopped giving his wife all the money he earned, leading to his wife demanding that he leave her house.

The letter finally shared that he moved out and divorced her, and was concluded with a warning to Jamaican men to be careful of American women because “many of them are scammers.”

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