Husband Beaten Into Submission For Trying To Drown His Wife

This is a crazy encounter caught on camera, in which a husband is seen holding his wife by the hair while her head was just above the water in a public pool. The woman was defenceless and offered no resistance as the male held on to her hair, but to his surprise, two good Samaritans challenged him.

A black and a white male jumped in to help the vulnerable woman. The black male tried to get the husband to let go of the women’s hair, however, the husband reacted angrily by throwing a few punches, the black male then held on to his neck, but the husband continued to hold on to his wife’s hair.

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The white male likewise entered the pool and landed several blows to the husband, but he still held on to his wife; the white male exited the pool and returned charged up. He again applied several blows to the man’s face and body, which proved successful as the husband finally let his wife’s hair go.

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