Kangaroo Attacks Man And Starts Crazy Fight – Watch Video

In a rare and adrenaline-inducing encounter captured on video, a fearful man found himself in a heart-pounding pursuit when he got “jumped” by a determined kangaroo eager for a fight. The thrilling footage, which has since gone viral on Twitter, showcases the iconic animal’s incredible athleticism and tenacity.

The video begins with the man running breathlessly away from the kangaroo, trying to beat him to a van. However, he quickly stumbled and fell under a tree as he tried to pass a fence. The speeding animal ran over him and then stopped a few meters away.


The man quickly got up and picked up a stick. He cocked it in his arm, ready to strike, and prepared himself for the inrush. There was no holding back now.

In a classic tale of man against beast, the kangaroo swiftly charged at him, springing and throwing punches.

The man tried to hold his ground and threw blows at his attacker with the stick. After a few blows, the kangaroo became hesitant and tried to hold on to the stick.

They both got close, and the man managed to overpower it and tossed it to the ground.

The man’s actions are a remarkable testament to human instinct, as he manages to stay one step ahead of the Kangaroo’s aggressive advances.

Nearly 4,000,000 viewers have watched the 20-second video, many of whom find it funny. Some say it must be some payback, while others pity the man and praise him for his bravery.

It is also a beautiful reminder of the unpredictable encounters that can unfold in the natural world. While the exact circumstances leading up to the confrontation remain unknown, the bravery and agility displayed by the man and the Kangaroo are awe-inspiring.

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