Man Receives Lap Dance from his Female Cousin then all Hell Broke Loose – Watch Video

A male and his female cousin are now receiving backlash despite initially getting slapped in the face and head by an older male after they were caught behaving raunchy with each other on live.

The 15 seconds long video begins with the male cousin seated and the female cousin twerking, giving him a lap dance. The male cousin gave his cousin a slap on the ass as she got up and was walking away.

Suddenly, the male cousin was struck in the back of his head which caused his hat to fly off his head, the female was not spared either as she seemingly got slapped in her face while out of the view of the camera.

The male cousin can be heard yelling to the attacker, “that’s my cousin nigga,” while the female cousin could be heard saying, “i was just dancing.” A fight seemingly ensued.

Watch the bizarre video clip below:

“Well someone had to slap sense in him….that’s your cousin maneee that has to be alabama,” said one viewer after watching the video, another stated, “I’m glad he slapped both of their trash asses.”

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