Female Soldier’s Pepper Spray Training Goes Viral – Watch Video

During the pepper spray period of the training for soldiers, a female trainee went viral on the internet when a video of her reaction to getting pepper sprayed in the face was uploaded.

The location of the training grounds was unspecified, but the video seemed to be taken in the US (United States) as stated by someone in the comment section of the post. In the video, the female was shown getting pepper sprayed directly onto her eyes, and having to go through a simulation of fighting and apprehending a perp while combating the effects of the pepper spray.


The trainee was barehanded and after being pepper sprayed, she screamed and brought both hands, fisted, to her eyes before falling onto her butt and doing a backflip, after which she punched the ground and stood up. After getting to her feet, she was ushered by a fellow soldier towards another holding a punching pad for her to hit.

She went through the simulation of fighting the perpetrator (hitting the pad) and then arresting him before the video ended.

Watch the video below:

Someone in the comments said, “Dam pepper spray turned her azz to super sayin 3 mode ­čśé,” and another mentioned, “The end was priceless she the goat lmao!!!!!”

See more comments below:

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