Female Student Stabbed To Death By Classmate For Rejecting His Proposal

A horrific tragedy has stained the concrete just outside of Mansoura University in Egypt, where a female student was stabbed to death by her classmate after she rejected his proposal.

The brutal killing of the Naira Ashraf Qader shocked the other students who saw their schoolmate brandish a knife and stabbed her torso before slashing her throat in front of the Faculty of Arts on Monday.


According to eyewitnesses, the girl’s boyfriend stabbed her in front of the gate when she was heading to the bus stop to go home. The male, who is a third-year Arts student identified as Mohammed Adel, tried to escape but he was caught by the security and a passerby.

The eyewitness further explained that Mohammed wanted to marry the victim, but she rejected his proposal. Naira, who is from El-Mahalla in Gharbia Governorate, was said to have received threats from her boyfriend after she rejected him.

A very graphic video was captured with the female in a very critical condition as she is lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She reportedly died before reaching the hospital.

The young man, who was first beaten several times by his captures, was handed over to the police shortly after.

According to Egyptian news site Najum Masria and Al-Falah Al-Youm, Naira’s father said that Mohammed had harrassed his daughter several times and she had even blocked him on social media multiple times.

The Public Prosecution listened to testimonies from 20 witnesses, including the victim’s family members, who all confirmed that the victim was constantly being harassed after her and the defendant’s relationship failed and she rejected his marriage proposal.

There were also statements taken from thirteen witnesses, students, and employees of the university and vicinity confirming they saw the defendant commit the crime.

Mohammed, who confessed to his crime, has been given four-day detention by the Public Prosecution while an investigation is in motion. The country’s public prosecution stated on Tuesday that the defendant confessed to murdering the victim because of “disputes” and her refusal to marry him.

In the statement released, Mohammed gave complete details of premeditated murder, explaining how he planned it and re-enacting his attack.

There were also restraining orders against the defendant which the victim had taken out two months ago.

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