Females Being Exploited in the Dancehall Reggae Music Business?

Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 9:30 PM

Females in the music industry have had to work twice as hard as the male artistes in order to be successful in the industry. It is said that women are pressured to sleep with men in order to do well in their careers.

Persons have also said that the women who give sexual favours have been rising faster than others and it’s now seen as a thing that has become the norm now and it has been handed down to the upcoming female artistes.


Some persons believe that it is natural for males and females to be attracted to each other and have relationships in all industries and there is no difference in the music business.

Yet there are others who say most females are pressured to get into relationships with the men in the industry as if they don’t their talent alone won’t take them anywhere, and yet there are some men who have disrespected them after they have slept with them.

Some male producers even compare female artistes with the stars who are doing well and tell them that they are not good enough, so they can control them mentally and then use them.

There are women who are eager to be a part of the music business and the men who seem to be using these women and promoting them more when they can get sexual favours from them; and women have gotten to the top after they have slept with the men who know how to guide them so they can become stars.

Brown Suga said she thinks women should try to be independent in every aspect of their music career. This causes them to be respected more and that is best for their self-esteem. She doesn’t think fame and money are more valuable than integrity.

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