Fight at KFC Between Two Women

People have long since asked the question of what the secret formula is hiding behind the taste of one of Jamaica’s leading fast-food restaurants, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In a video that was posted on Instagram, two women are seen fighting in one of the business’ locations.

The location of the branch is unknown; however, the video begins with a woman in a purple floral dress pointing at someone and saying, “Don’t dweet,” multiple times, seemingly offering a warning. The woman then hits the person and shouts an expletive before backing away from the crowd that has formed between her and the person.

The video then transitions to what seems like the same girl that was involved in the scuffle earlier dressed in a black blouse and pants approaching the woman in purple, “Miss me trouble yuh?” As she smacked her on the upper arm. The lady in the purple dress then retaliates by grabbing the hair of the second woman, and a fight ensues.

Additionally, after some tussling, KFC personnel sprang into action to diffuse the situation, but the women were persistent in trying to hurt each other. The women are then successfully separated after some time, and the second woman is taken towards the outside of the building.

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The video then transitions once more, and the second lady is heard hurling expletives at the other as they exit the building and go their separate ways.

Watch the video here:

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