Fisherman Killed By Shark In Westmoreland

A fisherman from the Darling Street community, in Westmoreland, has recently lost his life at sea, after he was attacked and severely bitten by a large Shark.

The incident took place at Little Bay, in the Little London area of the parish where the man whose name is Donovan Haywood, and a group of men went to do Spearfishing at about 8 am.

The attack was made on Haywood who is also known by the alias “Doggie”, in such a way where the Shark bit one of his arms off, and injured him in the upper body.

It was reported that the other fishermen had to shot the shark, tussling with it for over half an hour to free Donovan.

The Shark was said to also have swum off with Haywood’s hand, who unfortunately was pronounced dead when he was rushed to the hospital.

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