Fitness Expert Dies With Friend After Trying To Save Her From Drowning

Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 11:48 AM GMT-5

Tragedy struck in the resort town of Torrevieja Spain at La Zorra Cove, where two fitness coaches Daniil Gagarin and his friend Emma Mönkkönen were swept away by the Mediterranean Sea.

The video was captured by Gagarin’s wife Darya who watched as her husband made a real effort to save his friend, who the footage showed was initially saved and placed on a rock, where the two were on for a while.

After being on the rock for some moments, the wave seemed to have gotten worse, and Darya had to be watching, being only able to scream in fright during the process as she then watched the waves sweep her husband and friend away into the sea.

The body of the female fitness expert was later found several miles away from the location where the incident occurred, while Gagarin’s body was discovered the day after.

Emma was 24 years old and Daniil was 30 years of age.

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