Five key factors for long and happy relationships

Monday, January 22, 2018, 2:44 PM

Five key factors for long and happy relationships from Ukrainian girls

Relationships are a difficult subject. They may appear easy and smooth, but we all have lumps and bumps during a journey with a person we love. We fall for each other, we fight for each other, but sometimes we leave each other. How to make your better half feel amazing? How to maintain a happy relationship?


Choose only the person who attracts you physically.

What a strange thing: people consider appearance a shallow concept, arguing that the soul is what really matters. Nevertheless, everyone still pays much attention to it. Sex, as the cornerstone of human relationships, is very important, and it must be passionate and hot. And that’s why you need to choose a person who attracts you physically. Happy relationships rely on human magnetism, and all of us know it. Nobody talks about matching the standards of beauty and model appearance – She should be beautiful for you.

Choose an interesting girl that attracts you emotionally.

There is no greater happiness than to find a girl with whom it will be really interesting to talk. If you can not stop talking for a second, discussing everything, starting with the latest Game of Thrones series and ending with the theory of contradiction in the universe, then this is fate. This brings more pleasure than a few minutes of physical frictions, called sex. But if you are interested in each other, it is quite possible that your relationship will not be torturous and will last if not forever, but for very long period of time.

How to have a happy relationship? Look for a girl with similar interests.

Don’t believe stupid songs and movies that tell you passion is everything, because when it evaporates, everything else becomes irrelevant. It turns out you bore each other to death and can’t even accept each other’s environment. Therefore, if you like winter skiing, then look for a skier or snowboarder. Rules of a happy relationship apply differently, but the cornerstone is the same. If you are keen on arts, go for a theatre-goer.

Choose a wise peacemaker.

However, common interests do not guarantee a long happy life. All the same, various nuances will emerge, and full agreement will be difficult to achieve. Therefore, it is very important that the candidate of a potential family life that you chose has a clear mind and does not behave like the last hysterical woman who brings out things at every opportunity and is ready to discuss and agree.

Simply put, both of you should behave like respecting peacekeepers, and not as owners and despots. Rules of a happy relationship begin from mutual respect. You need an adequate and wise girl. And I hope this article will prevent you from distinguishing a passionate psycho from an intelligent but emotional lady.

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