Flair up of Violence Causing Residents in Waterhouse to ask for ZOSO

Gang violence in the Waterhouse community are causing mayhem as they fight against each other as they shot persons and burn houses to the ground.

The gang members have watched the police and they found a way to plan their activities so they will not get caught. This has caused the residents to start calling for the implementation of the Zones of Special Operations in the area.
Business persons in the area say they are suffering as there is no one on the streets, persons are staying in their homes, as they are scared.

There are too many stories about what started the violence and they are too complicated to be understood.
Recently a 7 bedroom house was burnt flat the ground leaving 20 persons homeless, and 2 men were shot and hospitalised.

The police are trying to put an end to the violence in the area but a lot of houses have been burnt and the residents are feeling desperate.

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