Flexxx Reacts To bad comments about him Selling Eggs [Audio]

Jamaican dancehaller Flexxx responds To bad comments about him Selling Eggs. The gully side deejay gives us details about his current business adventures which includes eggs. Flexx also talks about not knowing that Mineral Boss was dead until the interview.

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Flex nothing wrong with you selling eggs nuff a dem a sell rear


So wa wrong with sell egg smt


So wah wrong with dat afta ano uh body ya sell


At least he’s doing something ligit in his life to pay his bills it’s always ppl who don’t have shit look down on the real hustlers this is what hustling is big up uself flex who know u could be a big competitor in the business world one day while u making money the haters that are talking are broke as fuck looking for someone to give them hand outs


But see yah after selling egg is not a crime