“Flexxx Violate” Foota Hype explains being Correct Father to Flexxx’s Child – Video

Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 10:04 PM GMT-5

News broke last week that Gully Side dancehall artiste Flexxx fathered a child for 13 years however DNA test has ruled Foota Hype to be the correct father of the Child.

“i never really wanted to address this… i never wanted to come public because of the child” Says Foota who went on to explain that the child is not handling the situation well “fi years now him a yuh therapy” he outlined.

According to Foota his main issue in the saga is that the child’s photo was posted online while the mother of the child was not posted.

In his live chat, Foota Hype did not disown the child while on the other hand, he did not call the child his son, instead, he addressed the youth said to be his own as “the likkle boy”.

Foota went on to explain that Flexxx is getting a dose of his own medicine inciting that Flexxx initially took the girl away from him, he also stated that Mavado, Kibaki and others from the Gully Side knew the real truth.

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Foota detailed that he first brought the girl to studio and Flexxx looked her, got her contacts and started a relationship with her.

Foota who says that Flexxx was his real friend throw Flexxx under the bus when he disclosed that Flexxx had Gonorrhea at one point and had to ask Foota to take him to the hospital because Flexxx was too sick to drive.

Watch the video posted by Foota Hype Below.


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