Flippa Moggela Gathers 7 of His Kids Together For The First Time To Celebrate Thanksgiving And Teach Them Life Lessons – Watch Video

Friday, November 24, 2023, 10:59 AM GMT-5

Flippa Moggela celebrated Thanksgiving with seven of his nine kids in the same place for the first time; the dancehall entertainer uses the moment to apologise to his kids for being absent from their lives for the past none-to-ten years. The entertainer was released from prison in early 2023 after serving almost a decade for drug-related charges.

The ‘Flossing King’ introduced the seven members of the Davis family, which brought bright smiles on their faces, from the eldest to the youngest present at the time in his kitchen. In the midst of preparing their breakfast, the entertainer expressed his love for his kids and the joy he felt bringing the majority of them together for the first time.


He gave his sincere apologies by stating, “Me waa mek uno know seh me love uno none above the other, and me wa mek uno know personally me apologise for being away and not been in your lives for the past nine, ten years so uno nuh really get fi know uno daddy, but trust me I’m try my best and I will do my best and I will try my best.”

Flippa continued his emotional speech to his kids by giving them a few life lessons as they listened attentively. “Nuh mek nobody tell uno that uno caa mek it or reach no weh uno wah reach. A lot of people right now they are manipulators, meaning they stroke uno ego weh me mean by stroking your ego them tell uno things weh uno waa hear fi mek you believe seh them like you, everybody nuh haffi like you,” Flippa explained.

In closing, Flippa revealed he was planning a family vacation with all nine of them somewhere in the Caribbean. One of his boys suggested the Dominica Republic, to which Flippa agreed.

See the video below:

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