Flippa Speaks on His Time in Prison, Snitching Allegations, Getting Beaten and Mavado’s Snub – Watch Interview

In his highly anticipated interview, Flippa Moggela thanked the lawmakers, Judge, and the American justice system for his early release from prison after serving nine years and ten months behind bars. The dancehall entertainer also made it clear that he did not throw anybody under the bus to gain his freedom as he addressed snitching allegations.

Flippa Moggela explained his early release by stating, “New Jersey change the law for non-violent crime and drop it from stick number, stick number meaning you have a high number and a different number weh you haffi do a certain period of time; to flat number, so my flat number now my 25 wid 12 turn to 25 flat weh you only haffi do 1/3 so a six-year year and couple months me did suppose to do and come out.”


According to the entertainer, by the time the law was passed in New Jersey, he had already served over nine years, therefore, he was automatically eligible for release. Flippa went on to reveal that he is currently on parole until 2030 and must be cautious with his actions.

He continued to speak on his past incarceration by outlining the reasons why he was not deported from America after his release from prison. According to Filippa, he is intelligent and studies American laws, hence why he was not deported from the US.

As it relates to his experience while in prison, Flippa Mafia says his memories, communicating with his many kids regularly, and the friends he made in prison helped him to keep a healthy mental state. The Flossing King also details how he experienced racism while in prison and was beaten by members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).


Flippa Mafia continued his interview on the LET’S BE HONEST podcast by addressing the recent controversial moment with fellow dancehall artiste Mavado at the New Rules event. He said it was all a misunderstanding and Mavado had contacted him to discuss what happened following the incident.

“Me and the God good man nuh love nuh lost man a just one a the thing them man,” Flippa declared.

See the full interview below:


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