Flo Rida Awarded $82.6 Million in Lawsuit Against Energy Drinks Company

Flo Rida, the American hip-hop artist whose given name is Tramar Dillard. The “Good Feeling” artist, along with his production company, Strong Arm Productions, sued Boca Raton-based Celsius Holdings Inc. in May 2021 after accusing the company of breaching the terms and agreements of a contract with him and then trying to hide revenue from him. The proceedings took place in a Broward County court.

Based on the evidence provided to the court, the rapper stated that the organisation did not hold up their end of the contract when they failed to meet certain conditions of their agreed-upon endorsement deal. Flo Rida stated that he was predominantly the one who aided in giving life to the organization, and all he wanted was for them to honour their agreement, but when the business got off the ground, they tossed him to the side.

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From 2014 to 2018, Dillard served as Celsius’s brand ambassador. It was also proven that the company achieved tremendous growth, expansion, and brand development, in which Flo Rida played a conducive role. According to Fox Business, as a result of Flo Rida’s addition to the company’s image, the company made millions of dollars in profit and gained worldwide recognition for its featured products.

The plaintiff and his attorneys brought this to the attention of the court when they argued that it was Flo Rida who opened doors for the organization, Celsius, to grow and add a new powder product to their ranks along with a new line called Celsius Heat, all of which happened simultaneously with the artiste’s partnership with the company. With this being said, the company has customarily been manufacturing, selling, and collecting funds for its powder product since then.

Celsius’ attorneys countered in court and on other occasions that the accusations made by Rida and his team were false and that, because of other strategic choices for the business after the contract with the plaintiff ended, they saw their most tremendous success in increased sales and heightened stock values.

Flo Rida was awarded $82.6 million by a south Florida jury on Wednesday after proving to be in the right on the lawsuit against Celsius energy drinks; the company, however, still holds the right to appeal the ruling.

Attorney John Uustal explained to the court that Flo Rida wanted to accept the 1% proprietorship he was guaranteed and might want to acknowledge the stock instead of the cash granted by the jury. Attorney Uustal expressed that the artiste had a lot of admiration for the product, and he even went so far as to say the four years he spent tied to the company were extremely fruitful.

Uustal said that Rida was supposed to get stock when certain achievements were met, but the conflict arose when he did not receive them and the company denied that the benchmarks were met in the first place.

Being the good sport he is, Flo Rida said he was willing to move forward with the company as he has a great love for the company’s products, which he still uses to this day, and he even owns stock in the company.

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