Floods in Europe: More than 120 Dead and Rescue Continues

July 16, 2021

Officials reported on Friday, that over 120 people died in devastating floods across some parts of Belgium and western Germany. Many are still in danger or unaccounted for.

The number of homeless people increased dramatically when many houses were deemed at risk by the authorities or they were destroyed completely by the flood waters.


In Erftstadt, southwest of Cologne many people died in their homes when the ground beneath them suddenly sank, causing the houses to collapse, this was reported by the Regional Authorities.

At this time the authorities have no idea how many had died in Belgium, after the rescue team got 50 out of their homes, many are left in need of help. A report stated that 1,300 were missing, even though it is possible that duplicate reports were given because of disrupted phone service and roadways.

Several dikes were at risk of collapsing as water levels on the Meuse river running from Belgium into the Netherlands remained critical.

These floods came after heavy rainfall in Western Europe, streams and streets were turned into raging rivers. Houses and cars were swept away across the region.



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