Florida Detectives attempt use Dead Man’s finger print to open phone

[Sharingbuttons]Mr. Phillips’ relatives believe they can’t trust the Largo, Florida Police officers who are dealing with this case. Their relative was reported as someone who dragged a police man with his vehicle after a traffic-stop in March. The police said the cop opened fire because he was being dragged and Mr. Phillips died.

The fact that the detectives took finger prints from the dead man’s finger makes his fiancé Victoria Armstrong even more worried; his finger print was needed to open his phone as they are checking to see if he was involved in drugs. However, the attempt was not successful.


The family of the deceased feels disrespected, as no one called them to tell them that the detectives had planned to use Phillip’s finger print for anything. It is unconstitutional to use a dead person’s finger print as they should not be searching the phone without a warrant.

This case is strange as there is no one who witnessed the incident apart from the police, so how can the relatives believe their story? It would be good if someone else saw what happened when Mr. Phillips died.

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